eni-japan-lotusEnikő Simon

“If he is truly wise, he shall not ask you to enter his wisdom’s house, but he shall lead you to your own.”
- Kahlil Gibran

Open-minded and with a dynamic personality, I promote a complex concept of life, in which the science of management is in perfect harmony with spiritual techniques. The courage of being myself has helped me fulfil my wishes by combining in my everyday life my job, the ability to work with people and spirituality. By spirituality I understand the harmony between the desires of the body, the mind and the soul and the respect for a personal mission in life.

After graduating the Faculty of Economics from the Economic Sciences Academy in Bucharest I specialized in Tourism and Public Services and chose the challenge of a new profession in this field. My enthusiasm and innovative spirit have helped me to introduce new concepts, to launch projects and international programmes and to become the coordinator of a tourism agency in a short period of time. During this time I attended various tourism and management training courses.
In 2006 I petitioned with the Ministry of Justice for a job that was inexistent in Romania at the time – expert witness in tourism.

You can benefit from my experience in the following areas:
    - 16 years in team management and coordination, staff motivation in both profit and nonprofit organizations, where there is only non-financial motivation;
   - 9 years in lifecoaching practice and 6 years in business coaching, specializing in team coaching (integration of different personalities in the group), stress management, time management, efficient use of human and material potential, creativity development etc .;
    - 15 years in support of public presentations, in communication and marketing, being 5 years of public relations and marketing adviser at an institution that supports SMEs from government funds;
    - 4 years in the economic and financial analysis and business evaluation for financial companies and coaching;
    - 24 years in the practice of Japanese Reiki technique, in the efficient management of their own energetic, emotional and mental resuscitation, in creating harmony in everyday life, in liberating limitations and negative mental templates, solving indecision, releasing fears and fears , increasing awareness, stress relocation, etc .;
    - 4 years practice of Tibetan meditation and drawing of mandalas;
    - 6 years in natural silk painting and the organization of creativity workshops.
Here are a few of the programmes and courses that had a strong impact on my professional life:

  • International Enterprise Development Programme organized under the coordination of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, NASMEC and other organizations;
  • Trainer programme organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Brasov;
  • Professional training- Train the trainer- organized by Team Tuning Ideas;
  • Stress Management and Professional Burnout - course directed by Beata Bishop, well-known UK psychologist , 1-week workshop organized in Budapest;
  • Specialist in Coaching with Certificate obtained under the COR code (Min. Labor and Min. Education), Certifications obtained in Hungary and now finalizing certification at Noble Manhattan Ltd. from UK;
  • Silk painting learned at Budapest.

Curious about a deeper understanding of life, about finding inner balance and defining my purpose in life, I began my spiritual search with 20.  My development on this path has been fostered through various courses, starting with the Silva Method, controlling the mind and the unconsciousness, in 1995, followed by acquiring Reiki levels 1 and 2. I then continued with studying applied radiesthesia, astrology, Tibetan meditation techniques, etc.
My curiosity and desire to understand the deeper meaning of life led to my experimenting with several spiritual techniques. I have explored various methods until 2001, when I discovered the road I was going to follow: that of a Reiki master and teacher. This is how as of 2004 I started holding numerous Reiki seminars and got involved in counseling.

At present I am also involved in several social activities, non-profit clubs and organizations, among which the Reiki Usui Association. I am the President and founding member of the association and I am currently coordinating a group of 110 volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to put my leadership skills to use and to support and motivate people.


The knowledge that I have gained, the empathy, the ability to work with people and to listen to them are just some of the reasons why people from all walks of life contact me for counseling. I began practicing life coaching in order to help and support others in finding balance and their own methods to surpass obstacles in life.  In parallel with the coaching activity I started training at Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. Given my 4 years’ experience in economic analysis and business valuation it was a natural step to embark upon financial coaching. I coach managers who want to achieve their best performance and effective communication with their team, who want to find their own way in overcoming challenges and accomplish self-realization and fulfillment.

My creativity led me to find a way of expressing my emotions and experiences and as a result I learned silk painting techniques and mandalas. The sensitivity and passion invested in painting was crowned by the opening of an exhibition displaying over 50 paintings and mandalas.


What is your purpose in life? What's important in your life? What does happiness mean to you?

Just as there are many paths that lead us to the top of a mountain and in life, we have more chances and paths to achieving fulfillment and happiness. The courage to be myself supported me to find those paths that make my trip of this life a beautiful one. The message I want to convey is to have the courage to be yourself, in harmony with your self and with what surrounds you in order to achieve the state of happiness and fulfillment! I am at your disposal as a trainer, mentor and coach to lead you on the threshold of your own wisdom.