I'm at your disposal as a trainer, mentor and coach for individual programs / sessions for managers and with company programs / trainings.

Individual coaching sessions on different themes: life and executive coaching, specializing in coaching integrating different personalities into the company, stress management, time management, effective utilization of human and material potential, developing creativity, balancing professional life With personal life, in increasing performance, in financial coaching, etc. http://lifecoaching.com.ro/ro/coaching ">Details of coaching can be found here http://lifecoaching.com.ro/ro/coaching

Individual sessions for the development of public presentation skills and preparation of presentation materials.

Individual sessions in the efficient management of our own energy, emotional and mental resources, in creating harmony in everyday life, in releasing limitations and negative mental templates, in solving indecision, in fear and fear, in raising awareness, in relieving stress, etc.


Effective solutions & training & recommended workshops
Depending on the major source of stress and tension in the company

1 ) The Stress & Coaching Training Package "Authentification and intelligent utilization of the individual and common potential" consists of a joint session with the team (5-6 hours), followed by at least 5 individual coaching sessions (50-60 minutes). For each member, and finally another common session of stress and tension management (5-6 hours).

This program offers solutions for:
  • Lack of communication, conflicts between employees working on joint projects, intense competition.    
  • Lack of low control over his own work decisions.    
  • Lack of proper appreciation / importance due to the fact that some people do not feel fulfilled at work, have too few challenges, their own skills are underutilized and have poor career prospects.   
  • Uncertainty and poor definition of roles and responsibilities, ignorance of priorities and objectives, missing or confused standards, ambiguous roles or role conflicts, etc.

At this training we are at your disposal with 16 years experience in training and 9 years in coaching practice.
Number of participants: minimum 4 people - maximum 10 people.
This program has multiple benefits for both the company and the individual, by being aware that each situation has several ways of interpreting and solving through:


  •     Transforming individual vulnerabilities into personal and company resources.
    •     Focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses and changing negative behaviors.
      •     Achieving positive and proactive approaches to managing stressful situations so that each team member feels valued and appreciated.
        •     Taking responsibility and making decisions.
          •     Finding opportunities to better organize your business.
            •     Learning the approach in a calm, harmonious and humorous manner of situations that can not be changed.
              •     Understanding personal values ​​that can then be integrated into company values.


2) At the same time, the practice of relaxation and mental focus is practiced in the workshop "Creative stress management and increasing focus". The 6-hour workshop uses meditation and focus exercises by creating and drawing mandalas1. This method is practiced in Europe by providing support in stress management, creative decision-making, and developing focusing skills to address the challenges of work and personal life.

Creative activities have the gift of relaxing and activating the right hemisphere of the brain, and the creation of mandalas1 is a beautiful way to integrate different mental states with the help of meditation, visualization and colors. http://mandala-matase.ro/ 

At this workshop, you have 16 years experience in adult training and 4 years in the practice of drawing mandalas.

This one-day workshop offers solutions for the following challenges from the workplace:

  •     Lack of slalom focusing between workplace goals and personal life obligations.
  •     Misunderstanding of the duties and lack of clarity about the professional expectations / objectives of the department or organization.
  •     Difficulties in solving problems due to emotional uncertainty and mental limitations of the employee.
  •     Employee inefficiency due to the fact that his attention is constantly distracted by other things or other information.   http://projectinfolit.org/smart-talks/">The decline in productivity and creativity due to false illusions about multitasking, there are various studies that confirm this, for example the study conducted at the University of California Prof. in Psychology and Neurobiology, Russell Poldrack (http://projectinfolit.org/smart-talks/ item / 109-Russell Poldrack)

The benefits of this workshop on a personal and company level are:


  •     Creative management of stressful situations.
    •     Developing creativity, addressing in a different perspective the challenges to finding effective solutions and making the right decisions.
      •     Increased attention and mental focus, which will be felt in improving the employee's results.
        •     Emotional and mental balancing by learning techniques of meditation and visualization.
          •     Changing the perspective in managing limitations and inner blockages (like: can not, can not, etc.)


    Number of participants: minimum 4 people - maximum 15 people.


3) The team needs something anusual to overcome mental limitations?

                         Looking for a challenging and revitalizing workshop for the team?

       We recommend the workshop "Challenge Your Limits to the Success Rite". Success is the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, socially and financially, as individuals, but also to the organizations they are part of. The road to success is always on the rise, towards development and continuous learning, not a goal to be achieved. Development and lifelong learning are done at both individual and organizational levels, by integrating the concept of lifelong learning into the culture of the firm.
      This road to success can begin or continue with the Success Rite, which, in an original approach, triggers the change of perspective to perceive the world around, its opportunities and difficulties, manifested both on a personal and professional scale. Why should company managers participate in the Success Rite?

    You will be aware of the deep connection between yourself and the surrounding reality, between your personal actions and the world around you, in a broad sense, as an active participant in structuring your own reality. They will understand the simple reactions to the reality of the present, and the advantages of predicting and building their own future through conscious thinking.
You will access the immense force of your own subconscious by creating the link between the conscious and the subconscious, a link that can be accessed later, whenever it is needed. Integration of intuition and reason will naturally be achieved through the use of all personal resources. We have the power to turn our personal vision into reality, and the distance between current reality and vision of the future is in fact a source of energy, called creative tension. You will become a fine artisan of your own reality, artisan who approaches life in a creative way, integrating the multiple plans of existence - the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual plan. This is done by experimenting with the two techniques of individual development, with emphasis on the spiritual plan, techniques proposed for this program: Reiki and Fire Walk.

Fire-walking demonstrates the ability of individuals to mobilize and act, despite any perceived obstacles. This traditional method, rediscovered and used in recent years throughout the world in managerial skills development courses, demonstrates to participants how to form a new inner representation about the possibility of realizing something that previously seemed unrealized. As a spiritual technique, walking on the spring teaches people that their inner power is above the limitations of the physical body and the emotional tensions existing in this trial. Walking on the jar is not a magical ritual and does not belong to mystical masters. The method is safe, and participants who do not want to take an active part in it have the opportunity to assist.