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I’m Enikő from Hungary & Romania!

At the age of 20 I was having health issues. That was when I started to contemplate if life may also have another meaning besides the physical/material existence. Reiki came to me naturally, after a period of search and disappointment, at the precise moment I needed something to return the value and purpose of my own life to me.

I came in contact with Reiki in 1995. In 2001 I received one of the most beautiful gifts of the Universe, the level of master and professor of Usui Shiki Ryoho. I started practicing Reiki at the age of 24 so I grew alongside this energy and Love. I benefited from the guidance of a patient Reiki Master, who allowed me to assist him for 6 years at all his courses and who then left the Reiki practitioners group formed under my guidance. This was an act of love from his part. For this I am grateful to him.

During my first years of Reiki practice I experienced difficult periods and I searched for confirmations and sensations. It took time, patience and a lot of experience with Reiki until I freed myself from the wish to be acknowledged and I allowed Universal Love to manifest itself in my actions, thoughts and emotions. After each stage of knowledge and search I came to the conclusion that Reiki remains the method closest to my soul through its simplicity, safety and naturalness. So I kept the simple and natural way of the Reiki technique. I practice and teach Reiki in two authentic schools, as they were entrusted to me by my teachers, the only modification being the return to the Reiki essence and roots through the introduction of the original Japanese exercises and practices.

In 2015 during my training in Japan and the Dento Reiki workshop held by Hiroshi Doi Sensei in Madrid I received confirmation that the Reiki I practice is authentic and correct, as the energy of the Universe is used without involving personal will and mental elements.

Until today life has offered me many chances to change and live fulfilled and Reiki is that wonderful part of it. The courage to be myself supported me in realising my dreams, combining in my day-to-day life my profession, the ability to work with people and spirituality.

I like simple, clear and natural things. The purpose of this book is to speak in a simple, clear and practical manner about Reiki. I present the methods and solutions through which I have found balance in dealing with personal problems and challenges.

It is said we can only teach others what we are ourselves. Reiki has taught me to love life and people, to be open, to find and appreciate real value, to free myself from illusions and fear, to respect and accept myself. Reiki has given me a holistic vision on life, in all its forms of manifestation.

What is your purpose in life? What is important in your life? What does happiness mean to you?

Sensei Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, was searching for the purpose of life, happiness and thus entered in resonance with Reiki on Mount Kurama. He passed on Reiki as a technique that naturally supports the physical body (health) and the spirit (happiness).

Just as there are several paths leading us to the top of a mountain, in life there are several opportunities and ways of reaching happiness. Reiki is a natural “way”, secure, beautiful; it is one of the forms through which the Universe effuses its Love upon us. We receive help in life (for instance through Reiki), but we have to walk the “way” ourselves; we ourselves are responsible for our lives.

I practice Reiki daily, next to my professional activity. During my 22 years of practice I was able to re-establish real values in my life, to regain self-respect and self-love and to find the way to happiness and fulfilment.

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Reiki is a Japanese technique that helps reduce stress, induces relaxation and improves the quality of life by using specific methods in order to access the Universal Energy (also called qi, ki or prana) which can be channelled towards oneself or another person with beneficial effects.

Reiki is a spiritual path, a method of developing our personality based on initiation, and a type of energy technique which helps restore our physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.”
                                                                                                                          - Oscar Wilde-

The word Reiki is a combination of 2 kanji (syllables),the first, REI, meaning universal, cosmic, divine, spiritual, vital, unconditioned love, the second, KI, meaning energy, omnipresent vital force. We can understand the true meaning of Reiki when combining these two syllables: Spiritual Energy, Universal Energy, Vital Universal Force, Unconditioned Love, etc. Reiki can be considered the Source of energies.

In quantum physics, as well as in esoteric science, energy is known as the fundamental nature of existence. Therefore the human body, our thoughts and emotions are made of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Aligning the body and the mind with the Energy of the Vital Universal Force, Reiki, we become healthier, more beautiful, and more content, more balanced and we learn how to live in harmony with ourselves and everything that surrounds us.


Some of the benefits of Reiki are: balancing the body’s energy, reducing stress and emotional strain by balancing the nervous system, gaining physical, emotional and mental balance, detoxifying and purifying the body, developing positive thoughts and views, logical thinking and creativity, and integrating intuition into reasoning.    
Reiki is NOT a religion, but it talks about the foundation of all ancient religions which is Unconditioned Love. Reiki helps us respect and love ourselves. It helps us get closer to the people we no longer feel close to and it re-establishes divine harmony.
Being a spiritual system or energizing technique, Reiki does not have any dogmas, laws, interdictions, or restrictions; it exists independently of these and it can accept any vision of the world and any other teachings. It can be practiced in parallel with other healing techniques involving touch, but it CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other energy-healing techniques; medical treatments should be continued during the time we benefit from Reiki. It is one of the most beautiful and unambiguous ways of getting to know oneself.



Since Reiki is Universal Energy and not personal energy, you shouldn’t focus on “transmitting” energy when using Reiki. Reiki exists and as soon as you place your palms close to the body it will go where it is needed; you are just channelling this energy (like an antenna).


Many things have been written about Reiki, but there are two main versions of its recorded history. The history of Reiki is based mainly on verbal accounts, as stories were passed on from master to master, and from master to disciples. I would like to detail the true history about sensei Mikao Usui and then illustrate the reasons for which Mrs. Takata’s version came into being, explaining some of the relevant “alterations” brought.

Even though similar techniques had been practiced for thousands of years, it was the Japanese master Mikao Usui who developed this method in the early 1920’s. Usui was born on August 15, 1965, in Japan. His father was a military commander and his mother a member of the Kavaai family.

Usui studied different oriental practices and disciplines. He discovered his purpose in life in “Ansin Ricumei”, where “your spirit is fully at peace, conscious of what you need to do with your life, untroubled by anything”. A 21-day meditation on mount Kurama, 12 km away from Kyoto was part of his discovery. Some sources claim that Usui initially started teaching the TEATE method, healing with hands. The name came not from the theory taught, but from the practices used. These were the methods preceding the USUI REIKI RYOHO method.


Usui introduced 5 principles of life, which all Reiki practitioners abide by:

reiki-usui1The secret art of inviting happiness,
The miraculous medicine for all diseases.
At least for today:
Do not be angry,
Do not worry,
Be grateful,
Work with diligence,

Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation. State in your mind and chant with your mouth.
For improvement of mind and body.
Usui Reiki Ryoho.
The founder, Mikao Usui.

Usui had many disciples, among which Chujiro Hayashi who granted Mrs. Hawayo Takata the ‘master’ level; her contribution to Reiki has later on reached the West and has become a worldwide spiritual movement.

Practicing authentic traditional Reiki is only beneficial, since energy is not “sent” but attracted and since willpower or intention are not involved. Sensei Mikao Usui once said: “REIKI RYOHO adapts itself to nature; therefore it cannot be used against itself. It just won’t work.”


Degrees in traditional Reiki:

Nowadays there are three levels in traditional Reiki which were introduced by Chujiro Hayashi, Usui’s disciple. A period of practice is to be carried out between the three levels in order to allow the disciple to gain experience and grant him/her a proper understanding of Reiki at each level. In the early days, the master and the disciples lived together in a small community, so the disciple received information and initiation step by step, according to their level of development. The one worthy of this path eventually became master.

First Degree: after the initiation, the apprentice can use his/her hands in treatments, either treating themselves or others. The hand positions are simple and intuitive, following the chakras at the front and the back of the body. The first degree entails four attunements and it takes about two days or four evenings for students to master the position of the hands and to practice sufficiently. A minimum of a three-month period of practice is required before acquiring the Second Degree.
The following subjects are being taught for this Degree: the definition of Reiki, the history of Reiki, general information on energy, auras, chakras and the effects of imbalances; what is and what is not Reiki, particularities of Reiki, the benefits of Reiki (using examples), how to apply Reiki, Gassho and the five rules, the Degrees of Reiki, Reiki initiation and practice.  Here the positions of the hands from USUI SHIKI RYOHO are covered, along with some of Usui’s exercises. Time and space will be given to open discussions, to drawing conclusions, to questions and answers. The duration of the course is about 11-13 hours split over 2 or 3 days.

Second Degree: after the initiation, the apprentice receives his/her first Reiki symbols. By means of these symbols he/she can use the hands in a more efficient manner and he/she can apply Reiki by means of realization and visualization of these symbols in targeted areas. The symbols also accomplish the cleansing of negative energy from a room, purifying and energizing food, and also sending light and creating protective areas.

Third Degree is a proces of self-transforming and the resoult of years of practicing. After the initiation the apprentice receives new symbol and learns the technique of initiation in order to be able to teach Reiki classes.

You will find here the list of Reiki masters through which I have been granted access to this gift of the Universe called Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho:
Enikő Szeréna Simon I came into contact with Reiki some 18 years ago, when I was 24, on June 11, 1995 when I received the first degree of Usui Shiki Ryoho. I was guided by a patient and kind master who allowed me to assist him for six years in all Reiki classes. On October 1, 2001 I then received one of the most beautiful gifts of the Universe, the third degree of master/teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho. My master told me this was an invaluable gift that could not be priced. I received the third degree as recognition, as Kormos Géza left the Reiki group formed in Romania under my guidance. Working with Reiki since my teenage years I grew with this energy and love and I continued spreading the energy of Universal Love.

My first years of practice were challenging. I was looking for confirmation and sensations, I was testing different degrees of involvement and I was looking to bring “improvements”.

After some time I noticed that Universal energy was more efficient and was freely working when it was allowed to manifest without “improvements” or involvement. It took a lot of time, patience and practice until I was able to free myself from the desire to be acknowledged and until I allowed Universal Love to manifest itself in my actions, thoughts and emotions. I understood that Reiki is whole and complete and unlimited, whereas my reasoning is limited. I was fortunate to know the challenges of my ego before receiving the third degree of a master/teacher of Reiki. After each stage of development I came to the conclusion that Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho is the method I feel closest to, due to its simplicity, security offered and its naturalness.

I am practicing Reiki every day, along with my professional tasks and activities. I kept the Reiki methods clear of the influences of the ego, the impact of new-age elements, I did not combine them with different methods and personal views, because I understand that there can be nothing more powerful than the direct and unlimited communication with the Energy of the Universe; no matter what I would have altered, I would have limited the manifestation of the Divine Will.

I am carrying forward an authentic and traditional Reiki school. I was able to build continuity in teaching Reiki, having several hundred students in various cities across Romania. I am a founding member, active Reiki master and mentor of the Reiki Usui Association®. I have written numerous materials on Reiki and I have created the internet page of the Association I have initiated collaborations with Reiki masters from abroad who have been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and who have been studying its effects from a medical point of view.




Questions related to Reiki

How does Reki energy work?

The answer is: “easy”. Reiki starts “working” once a person has received the attunement. This person acts as an energy-transmitting channel. Reiki will start flowing where it is needed as soon as the palms of the initiated person are placed on the “receiver’s” body.

Do I need “native qualities” in order to become a Reiki practitioner?

Learning to practice Reiki is easy and accessible to everyone. Prior esoteric knowledge is not required. Neither are learning complex meditation, visualization or breathing techniques. Anyone can practice Reiki after being initiated, even if he/she doesn’t believe in its effects.
The ability of working with Reiki will not come from studying books. It is a gift received through the attunements performed by a Reiki Master.
Initiations to the Universal Energy are specific energetic procedures after which the Reiki practitioner will be able to access Reiki and work alone with this energy.

What is the effect of initiations?reiki-floare
The effects of the initiations vary from person to person depending on the level of his/her vibrations during the Reiki initiation. A period of purification of at least 21 days will follow the initiation. After the initiation personality will develop, energy levels are being brought into balance, body functions are stimulated, healing is being positively influenced, pain is reduced and creativity and intuition are developed. Reiki helps us surpass our problems easier; it helps us get through difficult emotional situations, stress, fear, depression, etc. It also helps communication and relationships.

Reiki cannot harm you and it has no side effects.


Guidelines for REIKI:
•    Maintain normal standards of personal hygiene;
•    Create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere;
•    If we are applying Reiki on difficult areas of the body or on open wounds, there is no need to touch the body. Holding the palms close to the afflicted area is enough. Reiki works even from a distance of a few inches, through a cast or clothes etc.
•    It is recommended to energize an area for about 3-5 minutes in each position; the time may vary from case to case.
There are no firm rules when it comes to the positions of the palms in Reiki. Each master may have a few recommendations. The only recommendation is following and working on the main chakras and the auxiliary chakras. Your intuition will help you and sometimes you may feel when/if a certain area needs more energy.
REMEMBER: REIKI is intelligent energy and will go where it is needed

Reiki hand positions:
Examples of palm positions and effects for the HEAD:
Position 1: palms are placed on the cheeks and eyes with the following effects:
a)    Physical - it alleviates disorders of the eyes (sight, clarity, high or low blood pressure) or conditions of the sinuses, nose (rhinitis), it balances the pituitary gland and the pineal gland.
b)    Emotional - it releases anxiety, reduces stress, induces relaxation.
c)    Psychological - it reduces confusion, contributes to mental balance, brings about clarity in thinking, and strengthens the ability to discern and to concentrate.
d)    As far as superior consciousness and spiritual development is concerned this position supports the connection with higher energies, it aids meditation and leads to a clearer understanding of reality.
Position 2: placing the palms on the temples with the following effects:
a)    Physical - it stimulates the brain, reduces or eliminates headaches, positively influences movement disorders.
b)    Emotional - it is recommended for helping with anxiety, hysteria, stress; it balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, it consolidates dreams.
c)    Psychological - it clarifies thinking, enhances memory, and stimulates efficiency and creativity.
d)    As far as superior consciousness and spiritual development is concerned this position ensures the clarity of visions and answers, the expansion of our cosmic consciousness, it enhances our receptiveness of the Universe.
Position 3: placing the palms over the ears with the following effects:
a)    Physical - it reduces or eliminates headaches, it stimulates balance and coordination.
b)    Emotional - it eliminates fear, worry, shock and irritation, it relaxes and boosts psychological wellbeing.
c)    Psychological - it clarifies thinking, stimulates creativity and efficiency, and contributes to general wellbeing and a feeling of comfort, serenity and calmness.
d)    As far as superior consciousness and spiritual development is concerned it ensures the receptiveness of universality.