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Carte "Reiki-Universul te iubește" autor Simon Enikő

ediția a doua (2016) completată cu experiența din Japonia

De ce să citiţi această carte?
Vă învit să descoperiți o metodă naturală şi practică pentru creşterea nivelului de vitalitate, pentru o sănătate mai bună şi pentru o viaţă echilibrată şi fericită.
„Reiki- Universul te iubeşte” este o carte scrisă cu suflet care oferă informaţii verificate despre Reiki, trecute prin experienţa a 22 de ani de practică zilnică a Reiki.
Scopul acestei cărţi este de a vorbi într-un mod simplu, clar şi practic despre Reiki, care este una din variantele în care Universul îşi revarsă Iubirea sa asupra noastră.

Pret: 45 lei/ carte. Pretul include TVA, dar nu include costul de livrare prin Fan Curier 20 lei/ colet. Plata se realizeaza ramburs (la primirea comenzii)

Detalii carte:
206 pagini,
format 23x17cm
legata prin coasere
hartie de 90g/mp
coperta color, folie mata

“Reiki, the universe loves you” is a book that comes to meet all those who want to deepen this technique and want to have a balanced life. Exercises are simple but effective and you will learn this through daily practice. I recommend this book which is a guide for us all. Thank you Master Eniko Simon. 

Mariana Serban, trainer

Why this book?

I am inviting you to discover a natural and amazing method to increase your level of vitality, to be healthier, to live a happier and more balanced life! Discover Reiki- The Universe loves you.

Reiki- The Universe Loves You is a title and a book stemming from 22 years of Reiki experience and practice, a book in which you will find personal stories and the stories of others. You will also find examples of how to reach and manifest the state of harmony, self-respect, happiness and fulfilment even if the way leading to them is difficult and we are faced with challenges. The book is a practical guide and an invitation to experiment the Reiki path and the state of Reiki.

The book also include the Reiki experience in Japan.

Are you asking yourself if you should learn Reiki? Would you like to know if Reiki is for you but would also like to save time and money?

By reading ”Reiki – The Universe loves you” you will:

  • Find answers, according to each level of knowledge, to the questions that were asked by people just like you, who were wondering if they should learn Reiki;
  • Discover how energies are influenced and transformed;
  • Know what to expect and what not to expect from Reiki, situations in which energy therapies are being used;
  • Know if and how you can combine Reiki with other forms of therapy;
  • Find out if Reiki works;
  • Discover how you can manage your own energetic, emotional and mental resources, as the book has 40 pages detailing practical solutions for: creating inner and outer harmony, eliminating limitations and negative mental patterns, resolving indecisions, eliminating fear, phobias and anxiety, increasing the level of awareness, tolerance and forgiveness, accepting self-love and self-respect in your life, healing destiny and creating positive karma, eliminating stress etc.

Some people go through many courses until they find the master and teacher who is right for them. I recommend you read this book as it will be easier for you to decide if you want to participate in a Reiki course or not and you will know how to find the Reiki master who is right for you.

Are you a Reiki practitioner?

”Reiki – The Universe loves you” is of great use to you, as it is an excellent manual that comes to add to your knowledge acquired at Reiki courses and offers you the following:

  • Comprehensive guidance and a holistic approach on Reiki with references starting from terms of anatomy and quantum physics to details on the energetical system of the body;
  • Detailed explanations on the effects of the Usui Shiki Ryoho exercises on the physical, emotional and mental body;
  • Understanding the Japanese Reiki practices and exercises, information on Japan;
  • 60 answers to difficult questions asked by Reiki students/practitioners during my 22 years of Reiki practice;
  • References to the connection between Reiki and medicine, information based on a 10-year-activity respectively 5.200 volunteering hours in Reiki
  • Clear explanations on the characteristics of Reiki for each grade and exercises for each grade, that help overcome difficult life situations;
  • Examples of situations when I used Reiki and the way I applied Reiki in order to be more efficient and get the most benefit for the recipients

This book offers you a clear, profound and practical understanding of Reiki, it will help you reach a high professional level in your Reiki experience.

By practicing Reiki I have come to understand that Love brings order, balance, evolution and happiness. Reiki taught me to love life and people, to be open, to find and appreciate true value, to free myself from illusions and fears, to respect and accept myself. Reiki offered me the holistic vision on life, in all its forms of manifestation. I learned that the complete healing of the body is impossible without balancing emotions and calming the mind and without us living in harmony with our soul’s desires.

The purpose of this book is to demystify such conceptions and to bring clarity about what Reiki is. I wish this book be also a learning manual for those who practice Reiki and a real source of documentation for those who are searching for information about Reiki. In this book I present lots of examples and simple ideas. Here you will find a multitude of questions asked by students and the answers I have given them.

Here are only some of the questions to which answers are in the book:

  • Can I hurt myself or someone else with Reiki?
  • What specifically is harmony and balance?
  • Why is initiation necessary in order to practice Reiki?
  • Is Reiki accepted by the medical world?
  • Can Reiki have a placebo effect or can it be the result of autosuggestion?
  • When is the Reiki energy not efficient?
  • Are there situations when Reiki has no effect?
  • To what specifically can I not apply Reiki?
  • How does spirituality combine with the material?
  • How does Reiki initiation take place?
  • Can I protect myself from energetic attacks and energy theft through Reiki?
  • Is Reiki sufficient or is it necessary to combine it with other techniques?
  • Are there any risks in Reiki? Can I take on other people’s problems?
  • How can I know if someone really is the right master for me?
  • What do you understand by awareness?
  • Why would I want level III (teacher and master) and how can I get it?
  • How can I be sure that what I am feeling is Reiki and not just a sensation created by myself?

REIKI – The Universe loves you available on Amazon. Click here to order